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This is the African Organisation for Standardisation – Consumer Committee (ARSO COCO), that was established during the 48th ARSO Council in Yaoundé – Cameroon on 17-18 June 2013 with a role to promote Consumer participation in African standardization processes as a means of availing them an avenue to articulate consumer interests in the standardization and conformity assessment. The need for consumer protection on goods and services and the need for value for money entails the justification for ARSO COCO.

A number of African consumers are not participating in standardization due to a number of factors which are not limited to poverty, ignorance, lack of knowledge among others. The low consumer participation eventually leads the end user to consume substandard goods and services thus posing a threat to economic development and poverty reduction. It also mean that consumers in the African countries are not sufficiently protected from unsafe goods and services.

ARSO COCO is a committee which aims at protecting and giving a platform to consumers and thus ensuring quality and standard goods and services.

It’s Objectives

a) Provide a forum for the exchange of information and experience on standards
b) Providing information on how standardisation benefits consumers and how consumers can contribute to standards development
c) Mobilise African consumer bodies to participate in National and Regional standards setting
d) Provide standardisation informational materials on consumer issues
e) Ensure the African standards produced are relevant to the market
f) Ensure a standardisation process that protects the consumers’ health and safety.

According to John F. Kennedy, consumers by definition include us all. “They are largest economic group, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision…whose views are often not heard.”: Read more on About

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